1. FICEM’s Technical Committee is inviting interested speakers to submit their papers related to the following topics:


  • Co-processing
  • Clinkerization
  • Cement grinding
  • Raw material grinding and homogenization
  • Quarry rehabilitation


  • Prevention of accidents
  • Prevention of cement industry occupational diseases
  • Relations with the community
  • Techniques for handling conflict


  • Getting the Numbers Right (Energy efficiency and CO2emissions)
  • Mercury in the cement industry
  • Measures by the cement industry to preserve the environment
  • Recovery of limestone and additives’ quarries
  • Green certifications
  • Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions – NAMAs


  • Repairs processing management
  • Optimization of processes
  • Logistics
  1. The paper’s brief will only be accepted through OUR FORM before July 3, 2017. Papers submitted in other formats will not be considered by the Technical Committee.
  1. The Technical Committee will review the submitted briefs and choose the ones to be featured in the program’s line-up. Everyone participating in the call will be informed about the committee’s decision on July 28, 2017.
  1. .Accepted speakers must forward their paper in the following formats before August 20, 2016:

A. Press article featuring the paper’s content in .doc


Must be in .doc or .txt, Arial, 12 pt, single space, no paragraph formatting, titles in bold.


Including logos, infographics, publicity, ads, charts, maps, etc… May you require the attachment of these types of files, please submit them as illustrator, EPS or PDF with printing quality.


Images attached to digital or printed communications must be handed as JPG or PNG. The file’s size must be at least 800Kb or 1 Mega


All of the charts, diagrams or graphics must be sent as Excel file with no color formatting, using Arial, 10 pt (at least).

B. Final slide show as a .ppt using the format provided by FICEM to the selected speakers

  1. The articles and presentations must be of a scientific / technical nature and must not include any type of commercial or publicity material. The insertion of logos is not allowed.
  1. The Technical Committee reserves the right to reject papers not complying with the abovementioned indications or featuring themes not relevant to the topics listed in this document.
  1. The official languages of the event are English and Spanish.